Hi there! My name is Jan Jorissen, and I'm a front-end developer living in Berlin, Germany.

I have 6 years of professional experience in front-end development, with a focus on full-stack development.

For the next few months (31st april) I'm not available for work, but get in touch if you want us to do some fine work together.

What has kept me busy for the last couple of years?

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Webpack is a module bundler that can be configured (in various config files) to do pretty much anything you want: Compile all your CSS/JS/LESS files in a single file, Compile your CSS/LESS/JS in seperate files for vendor code/your code, Minify, Parse JSX files, Hot module replacement on their integrated web server, etc.

node.js is a Javascript runtime that allows you to execute javascript on your local machine or a server. npm is the package manager for node/js and makes it a breeze to take care of your projects dependencies. I use node.js (more specifically express.js) in my stack to handle http requests and proxy them to local/remote files and databases.

React.js is a Javascript library that makes it very easy to build interfaces. It re-renders itself when the data that's relevant to the component has been updated, and only renders the HTML that was changed - courtesy of the VirtualDOM. It utilises a uni-directional data-flow which is an interesting approach to data-binding.


You can filter projects by clicking the tags. For example, this website was built using the following technologies:

HTML5 JavaScript CSS react.js node.js c3.js underscore.js jQuery bootstrap webpack

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